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BIR CAMPS - River Side Camping

Bir Camp in Bir is a perfect destination for those who want to connect with nature. The camp site is located in Gunner village (Bir), 2 km from the Bir bus stop. The camps are surrounded by lush, green mountains. Feautiriy views of the lush green mountains and river flowing along with the site of camp. River is 5 minutes walking distance from camp.

Simple permanent tents equipped with all modern facilities come with shared or ensuite bathroom. Camps also offer balconies, mountain and river views, Amenities include, cafeteria, a bonfire under the open sky, parking, WiFi, and all the modern facilities.

If you like walking, you will be in your element. Trails will take you through a river flowing along the side of the camp site. It will go through wheat and rice fields. The kitchen on site will provide you with freshly cooked food.

Classic Paragliding


Are you looking for a paragliding adventure that is safe, affordable, and fun? Bircamp’s Classic Paragliding session is made just for you. Taking off from 8000ft above sea level, these 20 to 30 minutes of airtime will give you an astonishing birds-eye view of Bir Billing, India’s paragliding capital. Accompanied by an experienced pilot, you will enjoy a splendid view of the valley before landing at 4,500ft from sea level.


If you are an adventure lover and the Classic Paragliding package doesn’t hype you enough, you can enjoy Paragliding to the full extent. Bircamp’s Prime Paragliding pack doubles your airtime, giving you an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy the heavenly views of the Great Himalayas when you take off from 8000 ft above sea level. At just ₹4,500, witness the panoramic views of the Bir valley for 40 to 50 minutes.

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Swiss Camp


There is no better feeling than to wake up in heaven with your loved one on your side. Surrounded by the heavenly beauty of the Bir Valley, Bircamps’s Safari Camping package offers just that. With accommodation for two and a separate toilet facility, you will love our extraordinary service.


Swiss Camps are the most sought-after camps in Bir Billing. Keeping that in mind, Bircamps offers swiss camps at the perfect location at the most reasonable price. These camps include double beds, attached toilets, heated water, and a nightly campfire with delicious food. With accommodation for two, you can get extra bedding if required.

Camping Bir
bir camps Swiss Luxury Camp


Bircamp’s premium Swiss Luxury Camps will give you the camping experience of a lifetime. Swiss Luxury Camps are a perfect choice if you’re on a trip or with your family. Along with a complimentary dinner, bonfire, and breakfast, these camps are much more spacious, and attached washrooms are available. Matched with the beauty of the Bir valley, you will get a fantastic overall experience at affordable price.


Bircamps introduces Bell Camps, the epitome of camping excellence in Bir Billing. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and adventure with our affordably priced Bell Camps, featuring double beds, private toilets, heated water, and nightly campfires accompanied by delicious food. Ideal for a duo, and extra bedding is available if needed. Immerse yourself in nature’s charm with Bell Camps at the heart of Bir Billing.

Bell Camp


Explore the charm of Dome Camps at Bircamps in Bir Billing. These budget-friendly camps offer Ground mattress, shared washrooms, heated water, and nightly campfires with delicious food. Perfect for two, extra bedding is available. Experience the essence of nature and comfort with Dome Camps.


Experience budget-friendly camaraderie at Bircamps’ Dormitory Camps in Bir Billing. Share sleeping spaces, shared washrooms, and heated water. Join nightly campfires with fellow travelers and relish affordable group camping in the heart of nature.

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Drone Shot of Bir Camps

Bir Camps is
river side family Camping. You can enjoy your time here with friends & family.

Packages & Services


Paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding session of 15 to 20 minutes.

Safari Camp

₹1200/ person
Accommodation for 1 Night in safari camp. (max 2 person in single tent)

Swiss Camp

₹1500/ person
Accommodation for 1 Night in safari camp. (max 2 person in single tent & Extra bedding for single person)

Swiss Luxury Camp

₹2000/ person
Accommodation for 1 Night in safari luxury camp. (Complimentary Dinner, Bonfire & Breakfast).

Bell Camp

₹1600/ person
Accommodation for 1 Night in Bell camp. (Complimentary Dinner, Bonfire & Breakfast).

Dome Camp

₹850/ person
Accommodation for 1 Night in Dome camp. (Complimentary Dinner, Bonfire & Breakfast).

Dormitory Camp

₹1000/ person
Accommodation for 1 Night in Dormitory camp. (Complimentary Dinner, Bonfire & Breakfast).

Our Guest Reviews

“The staff was highly courteous. Monu is very active and very gentle guy. From handling the luggage to room service to arranging the bonfire. He ensured that we had the best of the experience. Overall the property is also nice, and the camps are in secluded place where you can enjoy the stay without any hustle bustle.”

Shikhar Sharma

“I stayed at many places In Bir, Billing but the best arrangements in entire Bir Billing is of BIR CAMPS. Away from the hustle bustle, perfect for families.

Nature and style at its best in BIR CAMPS. Exceptionally superb view of the entire valley which is not available anywhere else. The food, staff, hospitality, hygiene, cleanliness were nothing less than 5 STAR. Thanks bir camps for making our stay memorable.”

Arun Thakur

“This camp gives you WOW experience.. Best place to get relaxed after a hectic week.. Just go there to enjoy scenic beauty, finger licking food, music & bone fire and come back with vitality..”

Sapna Chauhan